Our phones play a pretty crucial part of our lives these days. Not only do they allow us to call or chat with friends across the globe, but they also typically hold crucial apps for work and our general every day. In other words, our lives depend on them working to their best at all times. 

With that in mind, keeping your phone charged becomes essential rather than desirable. The question is, what exactly is the right way to charge your battery for optimum performance at all times? 

Busting the myth of the overnight charge

For most of us, phone charging is an overnight affair. That’s because we figure this one long charge will be enough to see us through. But, given that the average smartphone battery takes just one to two hours to charge to full capacity, that might not be the case. 

Google’s product manager Ronald Ho told Business Insider that battery optimisation has primarily dispelled the idea that overcharging is bad as such, claiming that, ‘when the phone’s battery reaches 100%, the phone’s internal battery charger will actually stop charging to prevent overcharging.’

Yet, there is still undeniable evidence to suggest that charging to 100% at all times can shorten battery life spans, with currently used lithium-ion batteries proven to last longest when charged to only 30-50% of their capacity. You might want to top your phone a little more than that, but, the fact remains that overnight charging may not be best for phone health, after all. 

Keep it small but regular

With the above in mind, you would be best off opting for small but regular charging sessions instead. And, your best chance of doing that is to either turn to wireless technology or invest in type C USB chargers that you can keep around the house, or even in your car, to make this altered style possible. 

By keeping these in your USB ports, you’ll be able to give your phone a brief burst of energy as you work, drive, or even cook the dinner. If you’re able to stop these small charges once your phone reaches around 80%, you should even find that you can enjoy a battery that stays fuller for far longer than it ever did when you were opting for the traditional overnight session. 

Even better, the added practicality of this charging method is sure to suit any lifestyle. Simply get into the habit of turning your phone off as it charges so that even a half-hour session sees you with enough juice to perform those all-important phone duties.

You wouldn’t be alone in charging your phone overnight but, as technology improves, so do your charging opportunities. Perhaps the best part of all about turning to these charging alternatives is the fact that you’re never at risk of running out of power or needing to replace a battery that’s simply no longer serving your needs. And, in this modern age, those are benefits that no one could sniff at.

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